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     Above: The old bathing pool near the Croft at Sudbury.
Right: Cavendish green in autumn. Below: Happisburgh, Norfolk
Justin’s top six locations
Thornham, Norfolk
It’s difficult to pick a favourite location along the beautiful north Norfolk coast, there are so many places to photograph (19 of which are in the book) but I have a soft spot for the sleepy harbour tucked away in the saltmarsh at Thornham.
Happisburgh, Norfolk
With its iconic striped lighthouse perched on the clifftops, Happisburgh is an easy choice but the sandy beach littered with old wooden sea defences is equally photogenic.
Thetford Forest, Norfolk
Amongst the dense pines of this vast forest are patches of heathland and deciduous woodland, avenues of huge beeches and tree lined rivers. I always feel like I could explore the forest for years and never get bored.
Brograve Mill, Norfolk
The unique landscape of the Broads National Park is another gold mine for photography. Brograve mill is a little off the beaten track and there are limited angles from which to photograph this derelict wind pump but who doesn't love a challenge? ‘

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