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  Refresh and re-set with a few days away at a city hotel in Europe where the rules may have changed but the service is better than ever, says Lulu Townsend
green.” Anouska Hempel on her latest masterpiece Monsieur George Hôtel & Spa which opened in March 2020. Shining like a precious jewel within the crown of modern hospitality, its 46 rooms and three suites are more refined than some of the finest residences in Paris with their sumptuous silks and marble mirrors. The worldly splendour continues into Galanga, the Asian fusion restaurant/bar. Monsieur George is a handsome, modern hotel, a welcome and stunning addition to the 8th arrondissement in Paris just a hop and a skip from the glowing lights of the Champs-Élysées.
Rates from £267 per night.
Monsieur George Hôtel & Spa
“When you wander along Rue Washington, you suddenly come across the glorious, gorgeous, sensational, extraordinary Monsieur George.. a twinkling fantasy of a bohemian rhapsody in deepest, darkest

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