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 wonderful life around good people and amazing horses.
“I am lucky to still be doing what I love, and it will be a sad day when I can’t get up in the morning and spend time with my favourite creatures!”
When that day comes, Dettori may console himself partly in the knowledge that his career in the media will continue to flourish. He is already a regular on Racing TV, and away from the turf has spent many years exploring entrepreneurial pursuits, not least his chain of Frankie’s Italian Bar & Grill, rebranded Frankie’s Sports Bar & Grill for its showpiece restaurant at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge ground.
“I’ve always been someone who wants
to have a lot of fun,” he says – how else would you describe his stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house in 2013! “Of course, having fun means winning races and riding champion horses, but I never wanted to limit myself just to the track or the stable. I have a passion for life and a thirst to reach out and take the next project, and I’m sure I’ll always carry that on.”
Dettori’s appeal, to the British public at least, comes in many different forms. Firstly, as a bona fide anglophile, having arrived in the UK in 1984, aged just 14, to gain work at Newmarket for Luca Cumani, the Italian thoroughbred horse trainer and breeder. “I connected with UK culture straightaway – there was
never any doubt this was going to be the place I settled down. Of course, the quality of racing in this country speaks for itself, but more than that I have always admired the British spirit. It is really not so different to Italian sensibilities – there is a passion to succeed and discover.”
There’s also the fact the Milan-born rider is a perennial winner. The jockey has spent three decades finding ways to win, and always succeeding. Where others have found themselves burnt out by the physical and geographical demands of the sport, Dettori has always managed to draw on deep reserves in finding a path to the finish tape.
“I think that spirit comes from my ‘ 11

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