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 Leap of faith . . . the traditional Frankie Dettori dismount is always one for the cameras
‘ father,” says the three-time champion jockey. “He was the biggest inspiration for me and watching him win races gave me such a thrill. I knew it was all I wanted to do.”
And finally, there is an honesty that has carried his reputation forward even when decisions he has made have had profound effects on his credibility as a sportsman. From admitting to taking diuretics and medication in his early racing days in order to shed weight, to a drugs ban in 2012, Dettori is not squeaky clean, nor would we want him to be. “I think in this sport it’s difficult to make it if you don’t try to push the margins every time, and I mean that in a competitive sense. This is a sport of reputation, of danger, and of a lot of money. Of course people are pulling a little advantage here and there if it means they can give themselves a better chance of winning – that is what racing does to you.
“I know there is a line and I don’t cross it, but certainly the clean image that’s painted can sometimes seem a long way from the reality.”
Thankfully, the clean image of Dettori is restored. “As jockeys, we all have the odd demon here and there. Your next race is always important and, fingers crossed, you always get another chance to race. That’s all we can ask for.”
Newmarket racing in May and June
Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd May QIPCO Guineas Festival
Thursday 13th - Saturday 15th May The Spring Meeting
Saturday 22nd May Afternoon Racing
Friday 18th June Evening Racing
Saturday 19th June Afternoon Racing
Thursday 24th June Afternoon Racing
Friday 25th June Evening Racing
Saturday 26th June Afternoon Racing
Racing and spectators
As part of these plans racing fixtures staged from May 17th will be able to welcome up to 4,000 spectators, if the Government’s tests are met for moving into Phase 3 of lifting lockdown restrictions. The Government also announced that events staged from June 21st 2021 will be able to operate at pre-pandemic capacities, if the Government’s tests are met for moving into Phase 4 of lifting lockdown restrictions.
National Stud tours available from this month
Discover Newmarket’s tours of The National Stud resume from May 17. You get a unique behind-the-scenes view of the home of thoroughbred breeding and the chance to see foals at play with the mares in the paddocks. The 90- minute public tour costs from £15 and private tours are also available.
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