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  ‘Kung Fu’ great tit
 Blackbird in the snow
‘ whilst devastated, I knew I could survive it, whereas some others may not.
I have always had a very strong spark to survive even through very difficult situations though, of course, they do leave an impact, much like with anyone who has experienced PTSD.
Photography has given you a new lease of life though
My journey into photography came about when I inherited my sisters camera. I bought a camper van and wanted to travel to get away, and to be alone in beautiful landscape. I wanted to digest all that had happened. A little like Nietzsche, the philosopher who went to live alone in wild woods for a year to contemplate on his life.
I found myself in Scotland in the most stunning landscapes. I learnt on that trip using YouTube videos how to take pictures...I wanted to capture the beauty I was experiencing around me.
What is it about birdlife that inspires you?
I have over the past couple of years started taking more and more bird images. I currently feel inspired by that.
I have seen lots of amazing wildlife photographs in books and online, but felt I had something different to offer. I’m really trying to capture something emotional and expressive in my pictures rather than more encyclopaedic images.
I think I’m bringing my musical sensibilities into my photography. I also studied related arts as a young man, and talked with my sister much about different artists. In some ways I feel photography is my form of painting. Music, painting, photography, it’s all the same really.
If it’s not emotional or connected there is no point. It has to move you.
The kingfisher shots at Lackford are masterful. How did you go about getting them?
I’m a strong believer in teaching myself. So with the amazing Lackford Lakes on my doorstep, I went regularly, nearly every day for a year, taking images and learning after viewing them what worked and what didn’t. I also enjoyed talking to other photographers, because a creative life can be a lonely one at times.

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