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 A robin with a mosquito in its sights. Below:
An alert pheasant standing to attention
 I’m a perfectionist and driven, I just don’t give up whatever happens. Eventually I learnt the technique I needed to take the kind of shots I was after.
At the same time you have to throw many hours at it, in a way, it’s like meditation. Fishing is stare at a float. The difference is you don’t harm any fish - it’s all about passion. If you don’t love something truly, you can very rarely succeed at it, and you are wasting time not doing the things you really are passionate about.
Any stories to tell about your other avian images? Do you take the pictures locally, or much further afield?
I only started taking bird images fairly recently, and then Covid happened so all of the images shown on these pages are either from Lackford Lakes or within Suffolk, predominantly in my parents garden.
I have spent the last year just talking pictures of garden birds, mainly robins.
I don’t think you need to travel the world to take beautiful images. It’s all on your doorstep if you have the passion and ability to see it.
I am, though, longing to return to Scotland once we are free to do so. There is something about wilderness that really moves and attracts me.
My advice, for what it’s worth, is to really think about what you would love to do in life, even if it’s the opposite of what you do now - and then do it. It’s fear that stops people, but generally things are not so fearful once you begin. In general, these things are also seldom about needing lots of money to do them....they are just life choices.
I am always very interested to connect with people. I have a Facebook page, Ivor Ottley Photography. And my website at
I would love to hear from people if they want to connect.

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