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 more people in,” she says.
Another long-term plan is the creation
of a child-friendly cafe in Bury St Edmunds, a place where parents can go and sit for five minutes, or feed their baby. There will be toys to play with and no pressure to spend money.
Speaking about The Hive’s first year, Steph says: “I couldn’t imagine what this year would have been at the beginning. I was like ‘we're going to get nothing done, it’s going to be horrendous’. We’ve got all of these wonderful families now who are part of our group and we’ve been very lucky to receive funding and sponsorship that I can’t imagine we’d
have got had it not been for the lockdowns. It’s opened up doors that we weren’t expecting.
“It’s been a whirlwind, I can’t quite believe what we’ve managed. I guess we’ll see what a normal year feels like and then look at extending our reach.”
n You can find out more
about The Hive on their website or by following @westsuffolkhive on Twitter or Instagram.
Steph Holland showing Amelia from the Creative Education Centre how to plant a tree. Below: Part of the site is used for growing fruit and vegetables with a focus on permaculture and community gardening

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