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Legal Advice
 Make your Will by video or telephone
At Holmes & Hills Solicitors we understand the importance of ensuring your and your loved ones’ legal interests are
protected; but we also understand that you may have some concerns about meeting with a solicitor for a face-to-face meeting at the current time, especially if you have a medical condition or fall into a vulnerable category.
Video and telephone Will services
You can now make your Will and get expert legal advice from specialist lawyers at Holmes & Hills Solicitors via telephone or online video facilities.
We are receiving high demand for Will writing services during this lockdown period, from people wanting to:
n Provide for and protect young children. n Provide for a partner if not married or in a civil partnership.
n Plan for future care needs.
n Protect your contribution to the purchase price of a property when you
live with someone else*.
n Take steps they should take if choosing to leave out a beneficiary from their Will. n Leave interest in a business/es
n Provide for children from a former relationship.
n Set up a Trust.
n Provide for vulnerable adults or children.
n Update an existing Will.
n Protect a contribution to the purchase of your child’s home*.
n Give away an inheritance in a tax efficient manner**.
Why make a Will at all?
Quite simply, if you do not make a Will the law says who inherits your estate. Most people assume that everything would pass automatically to their partner but this is not necessarily so and certainly if you are not married or in a civil partnership, they will have no automatic right to inherit any part of your estate. Your estate may pass to the person or persons you would not want
to inherit. It may result in financial hardship for your loved ones or an expensive court action. Making a Will ensures that the people you want to benefit when you die receive your estate. Holmes & Hills Solicitors are experienced to be able to draft a Will that is tailor made to meet your specific requirements.
A will service that is right for you
We appreciate that some couples have ‘simple’ arrangements whilst for others their affairs or wishes may be more ‘complex’. Whatever your specific circumstances, Holmes & Hills Solicitors will be able to assist you.
Holmes & Hills provides four levels of Wills service – Standard, Standard Plus, Premium and Bespoke - to ensure clients are provided with Wills, estate and care planning advice that is appropriate for their circumstances and wishes.
Unless your wishes are of such complexity that a specialist would need to see you in person, Holmes & Hills’ Will services can, at the current time, be provided over the telephone or via video call. We would only need to see you, very briefly, for a formal signing. Holmes & Hills’ Safe Service Standards will be in place during the signing.
In the event the advice you require is of a nature that it would need to be delivered face to face, your lawyer will discuss putting in place an interim Will until such time a more complex solution can be provided, following an in-person appointment. There would not be an additional cost in this situation.
Couples save up to 21% on legal fees
When couples make Mirror Wills with Holmes & Hills Solicitors, they save between 16-21% on legal fees. The exact saving depends on the level of Will service being provided.
What is a Mirror Will?
If you and your partner wish to make Wills which make the same provisions, these are termed Mirror Wills. Each Will is its own formal legal document but the content in each mirrors the other.
*Declaration of Trust
**Deed of Variation
Savings of between 16% and 21% are available for couples making Mirror Wills at the same time, compared to making individual Wills separately.

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