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 New books with West Suffolk links
The paperback (in black and white), audio- book and e-book (in colour) are available from Amazon https/ where you will find all Sherry’s work
The full colour, limited edition hardback is only available from
A bra-
and the
Feral WI
Long Melford illustrator Sherry Tolputt’s first novel introduces an underground society of older women loosely descended from witches. “Actually, the Feral Women's Institute (WI) are everywhere. It's just that we don't notice them
due to their ability to hide in plain view and speak without being heard,” says Sherry.
“My heroine is their lingerie designer, Rose, searching for the elusive 'Comfortable Bra for the Older Woman'. When all her designs are destroyed by a new, Lycra-eating parasite, she is deployed to find the source and put a stop to it. A gauche, solitary artist struggling to integrate fully into the Feral WI
    Bestselling author Liz Trenow
Liz Trenow, international bestselling author of In Love and War and The Silk Weaver, returns to her South Suffolk roots for The
Secrets of the Lake (published by Pan Macmillan, May 2021), a very personal novel inspired by her childhood and a mysterious local legend.
The Secrets of the Lake is a coming of age story with a tragic mystery at its heart. The traumas of two world wars reverberate through a rural village, rocking the community and threatening the innocence of a new generation.
Successful children’s author Molly, now in her 80s, is visited by police who tell her that human bones have been found in a drained lake. The discovery prompts distressing memories of a long hot summer in her
childhood when she and her disabled brother Jimmy befriend Eli, a reclusive World War I veteran who tends the graves in the churchyard. He tells them of an old myth about a dragon that lived in a nearby lake. If it is disturbed, he says, evil things will happen in the village.
After church funds go missing Molly’s father, the new vicar, comes under suspicion, and Eli’s home – an old shepherd’s hut in the woods – is threatened. Molly decides she must act, but as the heatwave breaks in a violent storm, her brother disappears.
Says Liz Trenow: “Although my story is entirely fictional The Secrets of the Lake was inspired by the intriguing legend of a dragon that was said to live in a supposedly bottomless lake close to Bures and Wormingford where I was brought up. In a nearby church
Mysterious dragon’s tale based

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