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 What tips can you give for the pros and cons of using wallpaper instead of paint? Wallpaper is without doubt a wonderful design medium as it delivers not only colour but pattern, and even texture, onto the wall.
It could be a small and cosy print, or a punchy geometric which could completely change the look and scale of the area it is applied to. Paint can also deliver this kind of effect using a combination of colours or
by using decorative paint techniques such as stencilling. The latter is generally reserved for the dedicated enthusiast as it takes a great deal of time and skill to produce a truly exceptional result. Meanwhile wallpaper has the ability to create this second dimension using pattern in an affordable way with a lot less effort!
 This month we put
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some questions to Bury St Edmunds interior designer Jane Cappleman (pictured above)
Ain recent years has given you and your client most satisfaction and why? There are so many examples, however, the most
satisfying projects large or small are the ones that generate an emotional response. When something fits perfectly or the customer falls in ‘

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