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  Revisited one of West Suffolk’s most interesting gardens recently. Fullers Mill at West Stow is an enchanting seven acre creation on the banks of the River Lark combining light dappled woodland with a large collection of unusual shrubs, perennials, lilies and marginal plants, many of which are extinct in the wild. Its creator Bernard Tickner - who died four years ago - showed me around parts of the garden in 2008 and it was clear what pride he had in taking a plot of rough scrub and trees and turning it into something of a green oasis. The head gardener Annie Dellbridge reckons it looks its best right now, and you can judge for yoursleves when we feature it in the June issue.
Still with Fullers Mill, they have had new visitors recently in the form of otters. Muntjac deer have been less welcome. Although the gardens are fenced off they swim along water channels to gain access and then start eating some of the plants.
What a wretched season it’s been for Ipswich Town - the only time the club made national headlines was when one of their players swore at a referee and incensed the official so much he locked foreheads with his abuser. Now the new owners and coaching staff must get their heads together in a different way for another tilt at promotion next season.
But every cloud has a silver lining and some of the East Anglian Daily Times aftermatch video reports have made for ghoulishly good watching - all hangdog expressions and shrugs of the shoulders accompanied by a kind of ‘tune in next time for more of this rubbish’ vibe. Last month the paper’s long suffering ITFC reporters Andy Warren and Stuart Watson were handed the poison chalice of having to nominate who should stay and who should go from the club. Given that much of their job is getting quotes from players it probably hasn’t helped relationships between the newspaper and the team.
We journalists keep being amused by how television shows depict newspaper pages and headlines. I read show writer Jed Mercurio is a stickler for detail in Line of Duty but the pages shown on screen use the wrong type sizes, carry no picture captions and are designed by someone who hasn’t looked too closely at any national newspapers.
While reading the recent obituary of colourful and strict High Court judge Jeremiah Harman it reminded me of a similar adjudicator who used to sit at Bury’s Crown Court in the late 70s and early 80s. As a young Bury Free Press reporter I was told he had dismissed some members of the press for whispering during a case, and once banished someone for falling asleep. During lunchtime breaks in proceedings, reporters would head to the nearby Dog and Partridge pub for some liquid refreshment and though I could never keep pace with a colleague who used to down three or four bottles of Special Brew, I maybe had a pint or two. It made the afternoon session a challenge, trying not to snooze during a boring case and incurring the wrath of the judge. Incidentally my thirsty friend never nodded off and always turned in immaculate, accurate copy.
More and more self-important celebrities and sportspeople are using the word ‘listen’ to start a sentence. Perhaps it’s not meant that way, and is just a figure of speech, but it suggests you should pay attention, the speaker is going to say something really insightful and interesting. That’s rarely the case.
Richard Bryson
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